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Q&A - Carys Edmunds, Cottam & Brookes Engineering

Carys Edmunds is a Business Development & Marketing Executive for Cottam & Brookes, an engineering company based in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Carys.jpgCarys graduated from our New Leaders programme in September 2018. We chatted to Carys about her thoughts about the programme and the impact it has had on both her and her business.

What did you hope to achieve from joining the programme?

I was hoping to become more confident with regards to leading colleagues, especially as I had no experience with leading teams in the past.

How did you benefit personally from the programme?

I definitely feel more confident with regards to how to approach people with certain matters/situations. Before the programme I had a habit of working on the computer whilst speaking with colleagues who had purposely come up to my desk to speak with me. Since the programme I have ensured I give colleagues time, listen and turn away from the computer screen. I learnt that there is always time to listen and work can wait, in certain situations.

How has the business benefited from the programme?

We have definitely come closer together as a team and been upfront and open to any areas of concern or frustration and sat down as a team and put plans in place to create a happy environment in the workplace. At C&B we are very much like a family and this programme enhanced this. 

Have you become a better leader?

I have definitely become a better leader through listening to others.

Would you recommend the programme?

I would definitely recommend the programme, even if your wondering why should I attend if I don't have a role as a leader in my workplace, as it certainly grew my confidence personally as an individual.

Since this course I am in the process of setting up a photography business because of the confidence and 'believe in yourself' attitude the programe gave me.


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