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Emma Bingham, Development Officer, Community Transport Association

"Learning with ION has given me the tools and skills that I needed to refocus my career aspirations and has supported me to become a better leader and enhanced my management skills. By learning with others and sharing knowledge and experience it gave me the confidence to look for a new role that would support my development. I am now happily working for an organisation that enables me to work to my best ability and this would not have been possible without the support from the ION team and my fellow students".

Jack Hawley, Assistant Manager, Catch 22 Brasserie

"The ION programme has done wonders for my confidence, and speaking with peers at different levels has been so beneficial".

Danni Watts-Jones, Managing Director, DWJ Wealth Management

"The way I look at things has completely changed since I started this programme"

Nicola Hotchkiss, Nursery Manager, Happy Days Childcare

"I have learned so much from this course, especially how to understand me and my staff. I have taken on board the DISC report and use this whenever I find a challenging situation. It enables me to look at how to approach the situation and the staff involved".

Emma Lewis, Business Performance Manager, Insite Technical Services

"The Leading Growth course has been so enlightening and taught me so much more than I anticipated both in work and personal life matters."

Lynda Hale, Tŷ Teulu

"I have always recommended this course from the very first overnight experiential. This was the most enjoyable course I have ever done (and I have done quite a lot!). My daughter and business partner undertook the course, we had another manager complete last year and another starting in the new year. I think every person within a leadership role should experience this course. It is like no other and the skills learned along, with personal growth, are just something not to be missed. It cannot fail to inspire any leader, it cannot fail to bring a smile to a stressful week and some strategies to help you through. I believe that this is one course that quite simply cannot fail".

Dennis O’Connor, Partnerships & Commercial Manager, Visit Pembrokeshire

"My desire and capability to learn is growing with each session. My thinking is being stretched, and I'm developing as a result of the content and shared experience with others"

Jo Juliff, Founder, Empower Wellbeing

"There is no doubt that without the ION course, Empower simply wouldn’t exist – you can’t get a better endorsement than that!"

Alex-Michelle Parr, Managing Director, Wolfestone Translation

"We were struggling to get over £2 million revenue as a company. What ION leadership gave me was the confidence to look at acquisitions, look at bringing in more staff, look at different services, and overall, in the first year of ION leadership we got to £2.1 million which was a massive achievement and now, 18 months later, the company is turning over £4 million. I wouldn't have been able to do it without ION leadership. I wouldn't have had the confidence".

Ashley Miles, Regional Manager, Miles Hire

"One of the best things I have done in my life. As in regards to bringing me out of my shell and actually giving me a sense of identity. I was a worker, then I became a Manager, and now I'm a Regional Manager. And who knows where I will end up in the future".

ION leadership 27 May

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