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Richard Welfoot, CEO, MTIB

“I had a very positive experience on the ION programme. The delivery staff were enthusiastic and engaging, whilst I felt that the content had just the right amount of theory, together with the valuable tools to put it into practice. It was comforting to realise that my fellow participants all had similar business challenges to me and most importantly, I learnt the value of forcing myself to take regularly time away from business to better focus on improving it, which has reaped great rewards.”

Rob Evans, Sales Manager, Bako Wales

"The last 8 months on the ION course have been a really positive change. It has been a big reflection on self awareness I have been able to unearth some good strengths and some weaknesses. I have been able to act on them and has made a big difference to my company and to myself."

Owain Rees (General Manager) and Richard Lewis (Deputy Centre Manager) - Swansea Tennis Centre

"This is probably the best course we’ve been on, and it feels real – you’re not just looking at a screen or a board and forgetting everything when you leave. Everything is followed up."

Gethin Worgan, General Manager, Freight Systems Express Wales

I came here knowing the kind of Leader/Manager that I was, but not wanting to accept it, and through the journey, I’ve learned to accept it, change it, and implement small things to try and better myself.

Mike Parker - Project Director, Base Handling Products

"Albeit on face value, you might not realise what the benefit of doing the course could be, at the end it is very evident. It gives you confidence as an individual and the ability to go back to the work environment and take on the challenges of leadership."

Phil Deacon - Business Development Manager, Apple Blossom Cleaning

I have changed quite a lot, I am not the leader I thought I was. Now I interact with staff much better and the work environment is a lot smoother flowing. To be removed from the work environment helps you focus on what you have to do. It made me look at parts of myself that I never felt the need to look at or didn't want to, perhaps... and I came out with a completely different idea of what it was going to come and who I thought I was in a leadership role. I would totally recommend the course for anyone who has anything to do with staff.

Malcolm Scott - Coordinator, Glynneath Adult Training Centre

I thought I was a good leader but the course made me aware that I need to trust my staff more. It made me reflect on myself and how I lead. The experiential event was one of the hardest two days of my life...they strip you bare and they build you up again. This course is absolutely superb, I would recommend it to anyone who is coming up through the ranks...employers will see a real change in their employees.

Shirley Price Jones - Practice Manager, Tysul Vets

I took two big things out of the course. First, the access to masterclasses from people who are masters in their field. This year the change masterclass was really pertinent to what I was looking at in my business. Secondly, the importance of the group: we are in different industries but we have very similar problems and you can learn a lot from the people attending the course with you.

Alison Harries, CEO Carers Trust Crossroad Care Sir Gar

I attended the programme that preceded ION leadership and it enabled me to progress in my career and secure a CEO role within Carers Trust Crossroad Care Sir Gar. Here I am again 6 months later, on the ION programme, learning the skills I need to implement change and move the business forward. I recommend this programme to other leaders in Wales, not only for their own satisfaction but also for the benefit it will bring to their businesses. It changed me from within and was key to my development.”

Lee Roblin, Director, R&L Interiors and All Trades Network

With a little help from your course we managed to triple the size of the company…If you could thank the team that takes the course it would be appreciated! The change in thinking towards running the business has been a result of some of the great tips picked up on the programme.