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How are our programmes delivered?

Our programmes are delivered through a mixture of highly participative master classes and experiential learning. Peer-to-peer learning plays a key part in our programmes. We aim to create a community of leaders, a community that embeds learning, innovation, knowledge exchange, trust, and cohesion in its practice.

Think_Fast.jpegWe want our delegates to think outside the box, step outside of their comfort zone, and make real change within their business, which will have a lasting benefit on their business and the Welsh economy.

Reflective learning plays a huge part in how we run our programmes. After completing one of our experiential learning activities, delegates will have the opportunity to step back from the activity to help them develop critical thinking skills and improve on future performance by analysing the experience. Participants can experiment with different leadership styles and learn how best to implement the latest thinking, strategies, and best practice into their own business.

Delegates will also benefit from 1-2-1 Executive Coaching and complete a DISC personality assessment to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and their colleagues, to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

 Our programmes

We have traditionally run 2 leadership programmes, Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 and 5 programmes. Further information about these 2 programmes can be found below.

However, as we move to a new chapter for ION leadership within the Swansea University School of Management, we have the opportunity to be more industry led, developing bespoke programmes and learning opportunities which not only meet the needs of our delegates, but also are delivered at a time and in way which suits them best to ensure that they get the best out of their learning opportunity. We are also able to collaborate with our academic colleagues to offer you research led learning to support your company’s product or service.

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New Leaders Programme (ILM Level 3)

The New Leaders programme is designed to develop and enhance the leadership and management skills of those in the early stages of developing their leadership skills. The programme is typically aimed that those with less than 2 years leadership / management experience.

IONVenueCymru-08.jpgThis programme will assist leaders and entrepreneurs that may have multiple roles within their organisation, as they balance the day-to-day operational and strategic needs of the business. They are at a stage where they are developing professional management systems and processes within the business, delegating responsibility to an empowered and skilled team alongside learning to lead and not just manage.  

This programme is designed to ensure delegates are encouraged to understand their own approach to leadership, and then consider the team roles and tasks to create a strong business framework for the growth and sustainability of their organisation.

Delegates on this programme will:

  • Discover contemporary leadership tools.
  • Discover new ways to engage and motivate people.
  • Learn how to plan and implement change.
  • Enhance business performance and drive productivity.
  • Develop a personal leadership development plan.

Delegates who complete 2 assignments will receive an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management. The programme is certified by the CPDSO (CPD Standards Office) for up to 40 hrs CPD (subject to attendance).

Leading Growth Programme (ILM Level 5)

Our Leading Growth programme focuses on the essential skills required for leaders and managers in small, medium and large organisations, placing particular emphasis on developing leadership skills to facilitate business growth. The programme is typically aimed that those with more than 3 years leadership / management experience.

IMG_9591.JPGDelegates will learn to understand a range of leadership styles and their impact on organisational performance, drive productivity and performance, develop the ability to lead, motivate and inspire others and improve personal growth. The programme will enhance delegates knowledge and skills providing strong direction and motivating their team to achieve the vision and goals of the organisation.

The programme will enhance delegates’ knowledge and skills around providing strong direction and motivating their team to achieve the vision and goals of the organisation. The programme develops their strategic thinking skills - “working ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ the business”.

The programme encourages the delegation of day-to-day management to a trusted, empowered and skilled workforce, in order for strategic performance to be driven at all levels of the organisation.

 Delegates on the programme will:

  • Understand emotional intelligence (EI) and how it influences leadership.
  • Explore the benefits of coaching and learn to coach not tell.
  • Learn how to manage conflict in the workplace.
  • Join a community of passionate and ambitious people.
  • Develop a more strategic perspective.
  • Improve personal growth.

Delegates who complete 2 assignments will receive an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management. The programme is certified by the CPDSO (CPD Standards Office) for up to 70 hrs CPD (subject to attendance).


Further programmes are planned for the future so if you cannot find a programme below that meets your needs, please contact the ION team.