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Aled Jones, Product Manager, Hospital Innovations

"A lot of what we have learnt I can take back to the business. Another person from the same business was on this course with me and it would be great for us both to sit down, reflect on what we have learnt and take that back into the business".

Sally Smith, Owner, Swansea Garage Storage

"I have learnt about both addressing needs and motivating people. About different leadership styles and when and how to use them. I have started to develop my coaching skills, and I have improved my communication skills. I have tweaked the culture of the business. I use aspects from the ION course on a daily basis".

Michelle Wright, Recruitment Services Director, Med-Co Europe

"I feel more confident in myself, both in my ability to put into practice some of the things I have learned on the course but also in my ability to talk to new people. I also feel more confident speaking to people I know already, because the ION leadership course taught us how important it is to change how we lead depending on the leadership style needed by others. This has benefited me both inside and outside of work, as I am now much more conscious of my own behaviour".

Shaun Welsh, Commercial Director, Trojan Construction Management

Though we had a great foundation and knowledge in construction, we knew little about business or running a company. The course enabled me to take a step back and view my business from the outside. Since starting the course, our company has seen a growth in turnover and profit, we have employed more staff and put into place better procedures which is making all of our lives a lot easier.

Ben Ruddle, Director, Home Instead Senior Care

The programme uncovered and exposed my weaknesses and then it gave me the tools to rebuild and ultimately improve the structure, culture, enjoyment and turnover of the business. The course content was excellent and surpassed my expectations. Our turnover increased by 30%, the business team blossomed, structure & strategy were created, implemented and resourced.

ION leadership 24 Jun

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