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Emma del Torto, Director, Effective HRM

The programme has helped us to recognise that we cannot do everything ourselves. By using our leadership skills, communicating with and placing trust in the team, we have been able to free up valuable time to continue to grow our customer base. We are set to turnover £250k and for next year the targets will increase again to £350k.

Denise Lardner, Director, Cleaner Care Ltd

I have to confess to be a little skeptical at first, but I am so glad I decided to take part - it was the best thing that I have undertaken in a long time. After running my business pretty much single handed for almost nine years I was feeling a little jaded. This programme was an eye opening, invigorating, fantastic, amazing experience.

Rachael Wheatley, Director, Waters Creative Ltd

In business it is vital to understand yourself and how you influence your team, as a leader. I definitely feel that the programme gave me the ‘time out’ to look at our business in this way. We are more creative as a company as a result of this learning; a professional team, which has grown in the last 18 months by 40%.

ION leadership 5h

'I think every person within a leadership role should experience this course. It is like no other and the skills le……