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About us

Led by Swansea University in partnership with Bangor University, the ION leadership project is backed with £5.7m from the European Social Fund to raise skills and drive forward productivity and turnover in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as in larger companies.

The initiative has supported over 1600 managers, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs in over 1000 business to develop high quality skills through a targeted leadership programme that aims to raise productivity in the workplace whilst developing sustainable, profitable enterprises.

The programme is based on practical, experiential learning within a trusted group of peers. The participants will be able to experiment with different leadership styles and learn how best to implement the latest thinking, strategies and best practice into their own business.



There is a team in Wales that is helping to define a new kind of leader.

Entrepreneurs at heart who between them have clocked up a total of over 250 years in business experience, they have designed ION leadership, a series of programmes to discover, develop and evolve your individual leadership skills.

ION leadership has a proven formula for success.

Immersed in a hands-on learning experience, the participants get the space, time and tools to experiment with different leadership styles, uncover Eureka moments, learn from each other and develop plans to future proof their careers.

As charged ions attract each other to create astounding crystals, ION participants come together to create a new Community of leaders, a Community that embeds learning, innovation, trust and cohesion in its practice.

ION leadership transforms business owners and managers into extraordinary leaders.

Leaders people want to work for.

Leaders that grow sustainable businesses and enrich the lives of their employees.

Leaders that affect positively the future of our economy.

Leaders that will change the face of Wales.