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ION leadership: your feedback so far

Written by zoo_visitor_guest / Thursday 28th July 2016 / ION leadership news


So far three cohorts have started in Swansea and Bangor and the business leaders we are working with have had the chance to experience the new programmes and share how they are feeling about them.

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received and we would like to thank all the participants for their great reviews of the ION leadership Programme.

What is most exciting for us is how much you learnt about your business from just a few sessions with us:

"Change needs to happen to achieve long term goals"

"I need to work with all leadership styles"

"I now know how my workforce feels"

But also how much you rediscovered about yourself:

"I micromanage too much, even when I don't intend to"

"I need to learn to think more about me!"

"Understanding how I work. Understanding what frustrated me."

We are glad that this is how you feel after the overnight experiential:




And we are not sorry for tiring you out on the day!

"Exhausted! But, very thoughtful about how I can develop and have a greater effect on my business."

"Exhausted and excited."

"Tired. Driven to get on. Empowered."

"Tired - Yet inspired about how much learnt about self- and what lays ahead."

"Tired- Pleased to be on the programme self journey."

"Exhasuted - mentally drained but enthused for the journey ahead."

"Tired. Exposed but safe. Worried but excited."

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon and we wish you a well deserved summer break!

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