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ION leadership Advanced programme

Written by zoo_visitor_guest / Tuesday 5th April 2016

ION leadership Advanced programme

  • ION leadership Advanced programme

    The Advanced is an experiential programme designed to help you further your organisational ambitions.  Would you like to discover a strategic model for growth and learn to evaluate and focus your organisational Capabilities for optimal growth? Would you value a deeper understanding of the leadership qualities, thinking and actions that drive growth? Would you like to find ways to create high performance teams to take on the challenge of change as your organisation experiences growth and the world shifts?

    If these appeal to you then join us on the Advanced Leadership programme. After all our purpose is: enriching lives.

    Our programme is experiential in nature - less classroom, more hands on. And through your experiences you will be forming bonds that can last a lifetime, an invaluable network that stretches beyond the duration of the programme.

    The details of each day are set out below:

    Day 1. Foundation day

    You will:

    •          Reinforce your Reflective learning practices  to develop growth and leadership insights
    •          Understand how to implement a culture of coaching to grow your organisation
    •          Prepare for personal growth with the ILM Mental Toughness questionnaire
    •          Meet and engage with your peers and leadership development specialists

    Days 2 and 3. Challenging Leadership Experiential

    How sharp are your growth drivers? Could you improve your network for growth? Do you understand how resilient you are? During these two days you will have the time to engage with your peers and leadership development specialists and have the opportunity to:

    •          Sharpen your purpose, vision and goals
    •          Learn to challenge assumptions (both your own and those of others)
    •          Understand your mental toughness evaluation
    •          Design your Personal Development Plan
    •          Strengthen your growth network

    Day 4. Leading the Challenge of Change Masterclass

    For growth to happen, change must happen too. And the world is changing faster than ever. As a leader of growth this experiential Masterclass will help you:

    •          Understand the reasons for change in your organisation
    •          Analyse the attitude to change of those involved in your change processes
    •          Manage and implement change in your workplace

    We will help equip you with the knowledge you require to anticipate and embrace the transitions of growth.

    Day 5. The Value Proposition Masterclass

    Articulating a message that suppliers, management, employees, and customers all understand is one of the most critical priorities for effective growth, from entrepreneurial upstart to global player.

    You will have the opportunity to:

    •          Establish the critical questions you need to answer.
    •          Learn to create authentic meaning and purpose behind your message
    •          Discover how to align your team’s goals and improve your team’s ability to articulate it.
    •          Work on your Value Proposition Canvas, an extremely useful growth tool to help you and your team address your Value proposition challenge on an ongoing, agile basis.  

    Day 6. Strategies for Growth Masterclass

    How geared are you for growth? What happens if you don’t grow as fast as or faster than your competition? If you don’t grow - you get smaller - because, invariably, your competition is growing. This Masterclass is designed to help you:

    •          Recognise your organisational capabilities and to how to lead capability driven growth
    •          Understand your Nucleus and how to lead Nucleus Growth strategies
    •          Strategize your Options and how to lead Options Growth strategies
    •          Plan for Innovation and how to lead Innovation Growth strategies
    •          Know the Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great


    7. Leading a High Performance Team

    So you want to grow? Does your team share your motivation? And how capable are they of growing? This ION Masterclass is designed to help you create the environment and establish the principles and values conducive to high performance. This Masterclass is designed to help you:

    •          Understand the motivational needs of individuals and teams
    •          Cover practical examples of effective team performance strategies
    •          Set your vision and goals and how to do it well
    •          Recognise and Reward high performance in teams
    •          Understand the impact of culture on engagement and performance
    •          Uncover strategies and practical management tools for building and managing high performance teams


    All this and more – We will visit you at your business soon after you have finished the programme for an on site consultation. You will also have access to all our great Inspiration Masterclasses where we invite successful leaders to tell their journeys of accomplishment. And don’t forget the Tradeshow – always there for you to grow your network and sales. And the Marketplace too. So join us today.


    (Programme subject to change without notice.)

The first programmes are starting on: 

19th of May 2016, Swansea >>    

25th of May, Bangor >>