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What happened when we “mixed” LEAD and ION delegates?

Written by zoo_visitor_guest / Monday 3rd April 2017 / ION leadership news

On the 30th of March LEAD and ION delegates met for the first time at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea...

…no it wasn’t a rugby match, even if that would certainly count as an experiential activity!

It was a great day of learning and networking:

4 workshops, 38 attendees and the unique opportunity to network and gather new contacts.

Alumni Mixer 2.JPGAlumni Mixer 3.JPGAlumni Mixer 8.JPG

The day started with an energising session from Mark Hodder. We learnt about the science behind positive thinking and how to develop powerful habits to bring more happiness into our workplace and into our life.

Alumni Mixer 6.JPG

The group then split into two: some people attended Ben Wheeler’ s Masterclass on Marketing and other chose to find out more about accessing Finance under the expert guidance of Rob Warlow.

The networking lunch that followed saw all the delegates engaged in conversations and we were pleased to learn that useful partnerships and connections have been made!

Alumni Mixer 9.JPG

Finally, the delegates were challenged with a taste of experiential learning that brought up memories of their time with LEAD or ION…

Alumni Mixer 10.JPGAlumni Mixer 12.JPG

Alumni Mixer 4.JPG

Many thanks to our speakers and to all the participants!

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