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Course Details
Wednesday 14th September 2022
Online & Bangor
ILM Level 3
From £595 (your contribution)

Course Summary

  • Discover contemporary leadership tools
  • Discover new ways to engage and motivate people
  • Design the storyboard of your future success
  • Enhance business performance and drive productivity

The New Leaders Programme is designed to develop and enhance the leadership and management skills of owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and supervisors who are in the early stages of developing their leadership skills.   The programme concentrates on transferring knowledge and skills that enable growth and sustainability for their organisations.  

This programme will also assist leaders and entrepreneurs that may have multiple roles within their early-stage organisation, as they balance the day-to-day operational and strategic needs of the business. They are at a stage where they are developing professional management systems and processes within the business, delegating responsibility to an empowered and skilled team alongside learning to lead and not just manage.  

This programme is designed to ensure delegates are encouraged to understand their own approach to leadership, and then consider the team roles and tasks to create a strong business framework for the growth and sustainability of their organisation.

Programme Structure

  • Personal Development Plan and Reflective Journal
  • Highly participative master classes
  • Peer learning and action planning groups
Foundation Day
Understanding the journey to effective leadership
14 September09:00 - 17:00TBC
Leading Organisations Bootcamp
2 days
12 & 13 October09:00 - 17:00TBC
Leading Self
Understanding Leadership
15 November09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
Action Learning Set
6 December09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
Leading People
How We Work With People and Businesses
10 January09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
Action Learning Set
24 January09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
Leading Growth
How We Make Best Use of Resources
14 February09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
Action Learning Set
1 March09:00 - 13:00ZOOM
The Reflective Learning Journey
22 March09:00 - 17:00TBC

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