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Rhian Hullin, Director, Waters Creative Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Rhian Hullin, Director, Waters Creative Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Rhian Hullin
Position: Director
Company Name: Waters Creative Ltd
Location: Swansea
Sector: Creative Design

Company Profile

Waters Creative is a marketing communications and design studio, dedicated to integrating clients’ business strategies with creative impact in an inspired and memorable way. Visionary ideas, exceptional creativity, strategic thinking, personal service and a “can do!” attitude are the qualities that the company has built it's reputation on, over the years. Applying visual impact to market-driven business concepts, delivering thought-provoking solutions that create effect, communicate the desired message and drive results.

The team at Waters Creative is very experienced in all areas of marketing communications, creative design, web site design and print design.


Being asked to become a director as an unconfident 24 year old and just teetering through the last 7 years, not really knowing what I was meant to be doing and not knowing a great deal about Business, I suddenly found myself feeling apprehensive and nervous about taking the business forward and taking control of different aspects of the business. I knew I needed to open up and allow myself to learn from other individuals who were in the same boat, and listen to the way they managed similar hurdles in their own businesses.


Everyone was friendly from the start and we were encouraged to talk to different people along the way. I have never been one to stamp authority on anything, and suddenly, another cohort member and I were thrown in at the deep end with a task on the overnight experiential, and I completely freaked out! I have never felt so out of control and useless. This was the moment that I realised that I needed to stand up and take control. My staff are amazing, but being in that scenario, helped me realise that this is what I was more than likely doing in Business every day. NOT COMMUNICATING! Things started to change after that, and every fortnight that we met up on LEAD, my confidence grew and grew. Im now actually making decisions and leading and managing my staff and my business the way it should be led.


Throughout my time on LEAD, I’ve come to realise that not everyone is a leader, and I’ve also learnt that actually, that’s ok. Every team needs a good manager, someone who can communicate, motivate, has drive and passion, and can steer people in the right direction. I now have the confidence to meet these expectations that I have set upon myself. Yes, I make mistakes, but it’s the way that these mistakes are dealt with and managed that have made me the person I am today. I’m proud of my team and what we are now achieving. You’re only as good as your staff, and I believe that by completing this course, it has given me the tools and the confidence to build an even better team, and an amazing future for Waters.

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