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Rachael Wheatley, Director, Waters Creative Ltd

Rachael Wheatley, Director, Waters Creative Ltd
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Rachael Wheatley
Position: Director
Company Name: Waters Creative Ltd
Location: Swansea
Sector: Creative Design

Company Profile

Waters Creative is a marketing communications and design studio, dedicated to integrating clients’ business strategies with creative impact in an inspired and memorable way. Visionary ideas, exceptional creativity, strategic thinking, personal service and a “can do!” attitude are the qualities that the company has built it's reputation on, over the years. Applying visual impact to market-driven business concepts, delivering thought-provoking solutions that create effect, communicate the desired message and drive results.

The team at Waters Creative is very experienced in all areas of marketing communications, creative design, web site design and print design.


Having been ‘knee deep’ in the business and very hands on, the company was doing very well, however I realised that I was not spending enough time on business development, it was more a case of managing what that day/week brought in rather than looking strategically inwards and outwards at the business. It wasn’t a case of not knowing what to do, it was more a case of allowing myself take the time to do what is really important for our future development and growth.


I attended every single session at LEAD, I figured that if you have made the commitment to attend the course, to get the most out of it, high attendance is a must. I also decided that from each session I would take something away to implement in the office – this could be practical, an idea/concept, advice or a contact person, or organisation. That way the whole company would benefit from the course in an indirect way. Our cohort still meet monthly to continue our Action Learning Sets, not only are my cohort now very good friends but they are also my trusted network of business associates, my soundboard and my motivation to succeed.


For me the impact of LEAD Wales is focussed around people. Personally, I have developed so much as an individual, I now understand more fully my role in the business, what my team look up to me for, and the importance of empowering the team by encouraging their input on business ideas and decisions. In essence, actually using the skills my team bring to the table and the importance of having a clearly communicated direction for the business as a whole.
The obvious impact of LEAD is the increase in the number of people we employ, the more subtle impact has happened to the way we conduct ourselves, the way we work and as a result the way in which we are perceived.


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