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Owain Rees (General Manager) and Richard Lewis (Deputy Centre Manager) - Swansea Tennis Centre

Owain Rees (General Manager) and Richard Lewis (Deputy Centre Manager) - Swansea Tennis Centre
Key Facts
Delegate Name: Owain Rees and Richard Lewis 
Position: General Manager and Deputy Centre Manager
Company Name: Swansea Tennis Centre
Location: Swansea
Sector: Fitness

How has your journey been on the programme, Richard?

Exciting, I’ve really enjoyed it. I can’t believe that it has been seven months – it only feels like a couple of weeks. Really motivating, really positive, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

How about you, Owain?

Very much echo Richard’s words. I was a little bit unsure what to expect seven months ago, but the journey has been really positive, and it’s had a really good impact, not just on me as a person but we have been able to put traits into the organisation which will hopefully leave a legacy for years to come.

So have you noticed any changes in Richard since he started the programme?

I think so, definitely.  The results from the DISC profile definitely was exactly what Richard is, and I would certainly say that the changes over the past seven months in the way that he has managed the team, asking more questions and being on the ball a lot more would certainly reflect the period since having the report.

And what about Owain, Richard?

Yes, I think when Owain came into the post as General Manager he took on all responsibilities and I think that it was very difficult for him to let go of things.  Perhaps he didn’t have the trust in others, or me, to take responsibilities on.  But over the last seven months I feel that he has offered more important responsibilities to me to free up some time for himself.


Have you made any particular changes in the organisation since starting the programme, Owain?

There’s a lot actually, but to pick a couple of significant ones we’ve got brand new uniforms, a new identity which we’re modelling today, we launched the brand new website back in January which is much cooler and slicker and fresher… Rich, do you want to…?

Yes, in terms of personnel, or operational, we’ve introduced something called a ‘baby code’, so it’s specifically for staff members, where you treat the organisation like you would a baby. A baby requires constant care, they obviously need to be checked on, and what are the other two?

They need changing, and they’re always on the go.

Yes, and I think that’s kind of looking at keeping standards high within our organisation, and then to tie in with that we’ve introduced something called the “extra mile award”, so when a member of staff goes the ‘extra mile’ for a customer – it could be anything, whether it’s making a cup of tea or coffee for them or just stopping for a chat - they get rewarded at the end of the month with a prize, so a nice incentive for them.

So would you recommend this programme to somebody else?

Definitely. We mentioned earlier that this is probably the best course we’ve been on, and it feels real – you’re not just looking at a screen or a board and forgetting everything when you leave. Everything is followed up.  The cohort leaders are always on hand to answer any questions or help you out with presentations and assignments.

Anything to add, Owain?

Well I guess that it’s been mentioned a few times today, but we all have the same things – the same principles, the same problems, the same opportunities, whether you work in leisure, transport or social care, it’s all real like Richard said, so it’s nice that you can talk to different people. Sometimes in our environment it can be quite secluded and you feel that you’re on your own, but there are a lot of people that you can talk to.

Swansea Tennis Centre is the only pay and play tennis venue in South West Wales, a thriving sports facility offering four indoor courts, four outdoor courts and a fully functional gym.

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