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Matt Tuck, Managing Director, Matom Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Matt Tuck, Managing Director, Matom Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Matt Tuck
Position: Managing Director
Company Name: Matom Ltd
Sector: Nuclear Industry

Company Profile

Matom is one of the UK’s leading providers of radiological protection and business resilience and risk management. The company provides operational and consultancy expertise into the UK, Europe, former Soviet Union, United States, Canada, India and the Middle East. We operate in a wide variety of sectors, combining integrated services with operational expertise, flexibility, and customer understanding. Matom infrastructure is tailored for rapid response to meet customer unplanned demands such as nuclear power plant outages or terrorist incidents. Our Quality Management System is focussed on tested procedures for operations and management.


There are many challenges in the nuclear industry. One of our main challenges was hiring suitably qualified staff. Many of the skilled workers in the sector today and been in the industry for a long time and therefore we have the challenge with skills transfer and making sure staff are accepted into the sector. A further challenge was identifying and accessing funding available.


The LEAD Programme came along at the right time for me and helped by being fully funded, especially due to the time commitment of the programme. Business Owners of SME’s tend to ensure that their staff are trained well but often forget about their own education and leadership needs. LEAD also helped me identify to see what I was doing right, and confirmed that


LEAD helped change certain aspects of my leadership. The biggest impact came from the Overnight Experiential which was my biggest ‘learning’. A team activity that didn’t work, it didn’t go to plan. It gave me an understanding of what can happen when things go wrong and why. I now look at things differently. Interacting with a broader group of business people also had a big impact on my business – this was really the greatest value of the course, having the time to discuss real business issues. Since graduating from LEAD I’ve set up a steering group and have invited co-delegates as part of the group. I also keep in touch with many other of my co-delegates which is a great support network

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