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Jamie Best, Director, Melin Consultants

Jamie Best, Director, Melin Consultants
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Jamie Best
Position: Director
Company Name: Melin Consultants (Llanelli)
Location: Llanelli
Sector: Construction

Company Profile

Melin Consultants are 'Part L' solution specialists and have been providing assessments, calculations, air pressure testing and other bespoke services for the residential and commercial sectors since 2006. Melin works with a large number of construction professionals, from architects and engineers who require technical calculations, to contractors and developers requiring a robust assessment to be undertaken.


My business partner and I realised that in order to advance our business, we needed to better understand where each other's strengths and weaknesses lay. In doing so, this would help us work more effectively together.


We developed numerous skills on the programme. Much of this came through direct interaction with the other LEAD cohorts. It further encouraged a professional approach to our work.


As a direct result of the LEAD Wales programme, we have seen our turnover grow over 20% and an increase in profitability of 15%. Additionally, we have taken on four new members of staff in the last 12 months.

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