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Hannah Robinson, Director, Steve Robinson Glass Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Hannah Robinson, Director, Steve Robinson Glass Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Hannah Robinson
Position: Director
Company Name: Steve Robinson Glass Ltd
Sector: Art & Design

Company Profile

Steve Robinson Glass is a contemporary glass art and design business, specialising in highest quality unique handmade glass splashbacks, architectural glass panels, and ornamental glass pieces.


Having grown our business steadily but fairly slowly for 10 years we were convinced that we had only scratched the surface of our potential market, and could not understand what we needed to do differently to grow it much more significantly


I almost did not take up the offer of a place on the LEAD programme as I felt I could not possibly spare the time away from the business. However, within the first week of starting I knew that I had made the right decision, and that this would not be like any other business course or workshop I had attended before. It sounds like a cliché, but it really does allow you to work ON your business, not just IN your business; to take a step back and evaluate how you are doing things, why you are doing them, and what you could do differently. You get out of the programme what you put in, and it is well worth the effort to attend every session.


There were several ‘light bulb’ moments during the programme. One of the most significant stemmed from the masterclass on Branding, when I realised that although we knew our branding could be much better, we had underestimated the effect that this was having. We have now embarked on a complete re-branding exercise using a creative agency, which will mean that we will at last be correctly positioning ourselves with our target market. We should have done it years ago! The second major impact was a result of the team profiling exercise which we have carried out using the Belbin system. Again it was something we had been aware of, but had never got around to implementing. We have now identified a major skill gap in our team and have recruited a new staff member with the right characteristics to successfully fulfill this role.