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Gethin Worgan, General Manager, Freight Systems Express Wales

Gethin Worgan, General Manager, Freight Systems Express Wales
Key Facts
Delegate Name: Gethin Worgan
Position: General Manager
Company Name: Freight Systems Express Wales 
Location: Wentloog
Sector: Freight Forwarding

How has your journey been on ION Leadership?

A bit of self-realisation through the journey. I came here knowing the kind of Leader/Manager that I was, but not wanting to accept it, and through the journey I’ve learned to accept it, change it, and implement small things to try and better myself.

What have you implemented from the programme in your workplace?

The main thing for me was empowering people. I have a small team of twelve people in the office working for me, and I used to do everything for everyone – it was my way or no-one’s way.  The one thing that I do now is I like to empower people – I found that this motivated them. I’ve found that it’s not just money that motivates people, and by giving them challenges and letting them think for themselves that they can do their jobs.  I think that the small things were tweaking my attitudes towards management.

What has been your most memorable moment on the programme?

We were away on the two-day trip, and I was put in a situation where I was left in charge of a group of people, who were challenging every aspect of what I was doing, and I found that was very uncomfortable, but very memorable, and I learned a lot from that.

And would you recommend the programme to someone else?

I really would. I’m looking for another person from the office to do this now - I’m not sure if that person is ready yet, but we’ll see when they start.

Freight Systems Express Wales (FSEW) is one of the premier international freight forwarders in the UK.

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