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Chris Owens, Managing Director, Alpine Travel - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Chris Owens, Managing Director, Alpine Travel - ex LEAD Wales delegate
Key Facts

Delegate Name: Chris Owens
Position: Managing Director
Company Name: Alpine Travel
Sector: Travel


I have been engaged in our family business straight from leaving college some 25 years ago, although I have learnt a great deal over this time much of it has been imparted knowledge working alongside my father. Following the retirement of my father in 2007, and subsequently my uncle in 2010, I found myself at the helm of a fairly large ship with some 80 or so families reliant on me to steer a straight and true course to maintain profitability and the future security of our business. LEAD offered me: the business principle; a convenient, well-structured programme of master classes, coupled with action learning sets by which I could expand my own managerial toolkit from expert presentations and the shared experiences of my local business peer group.


The LEAD journey was one of self-exploration, from initially the baring of souls and challenging demons at the experiential; proffering advice or thoughts during the Action Learning Sets (and wondering why you don’t take your own advice); seeing and being seen during the shadow and exchange programme; to the acceptance and understanding of psychometric profiling. Wow!


The LEAD program has given me confidence and understanding.
I now have the confidence in myself to see projects through. If I’m not confident in my own abilities why should anybody else be? I now have the understanding that everybody doesn’t think in the same way that I do: psychometric profiling demonstrated to me that we all think in different ways and that you need a mixture of approaches within a team to give balance and subjectivity. I now have greater confidence in my management team and as such no longer become embroiled in the minutiae of daily routines that I already pay people to manage, thus allowing more time to think clearly about the bigger picture. I now enjoy coming to work!

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