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Alex Spencer, Sales Manager, Dischromatics (Newport) - ex LEAD Wales delegate

It was great to not only work with others on the issues my business faces, but to also hear about the challenges other people go through.

Hannah Robinson, Director, Steve Robinson Glass Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

After 10 years of working hard to establish our business I was feeling tired and jaded; lacking in motivation. LEAD Wales helped me to re-focus on our goals,gave me renewed enthusiasm and ideas. I now feel inspired and I am already seeing the positive results of the changes I have implemented.

Ivan Lebuy, Owner, CLT Language Training - ex LEAD Wales delegate

I wanted to understand my own strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to LEAD Wales, I have managed to create a good business image and brand for my company

Steve Edmunds, Managing Director, Cottam & Brookes Engineering Worldwide - ex LEAD Wales delegate

I needed to take a step back from the business. There are very few people you can discuss your company with in confidence in everyday life, but with LEAD Wales you are able to do that. It has enabled me to change the way I think, as well as the way I work.

Wayne Reynolds BSc (Hons) MSc MA MRTPI, Director, Atriarc Planning - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Openly discussing business challenges with other like minded professionals is an immensely rewarding and reflective experience. The programme has provided me with the confidence to expand and look at new opportunities for business growth.

Dylan Rowlands, Proprietor, Dylanwad Da (Gwynedd) - ex LEAD Wales delegate

I needed to inject new energy into my business. The programme allowed me to step back and take a fresh look. The most important thing I gained was confidence in myself.

Jamie Best, Director, Melin Consultants (Llanelli) - ex LEAD Wales delegate

In order to advance our business, we needed to better understand where each other's strengths and weaknesses lay. As a direct result of the LEAD Wales programme, we have seen our turnover grow over 20% and an increase in profitability of 15%.

Rhian Hullin, Director, Waters Creative Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

My confidence was low, and I never really felt like I deserved to be where I was in Business. A fortnight after the first LEAD meeting, we all ventured on our first trip together. The overnight experiential! My most memorable moment. This was when I really started to understand the programme and I let my guard down.

Chris Owens, Managing Director, Alpine Travel - ex LEAD Wales delegate

The LEAD journey was one of self-exploration. It has given me confidence and understanding. I now enjoy coming to work!

Matt Tuck, Managing Director, Matom Ltd - ex LEAD Wales delegate

Looking back LEAD Wales came at the right time as we had many challenges but through the various elements of the LEAD Wales programme and the knowledge and expertise from other business owners we overcame them

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