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Spend money on yourself or face the consequences

Written by Guest / Tuesday 31st January 2017


No matter the stage of your career, if you are working in one of Wales’ 100,000 active enterprises and responsible for a team of any size, it is unlikely that you have ever been taught how to be a good leader.  It is almost certain you’ve never been taught how to be an extraordinary leader.   In these times of uncertainty and austerity that may feel like the right thing to do, but it is a false economy.   Here are the top five reasons that people don’t develop their leadership skills and why these excuses are damaging to their businesses. 

  1.        I haven’t got time.

Extraordinary leaders work on the business, not in the business. What I mean by that is that it is important for the leader to step away from the day to day struggle and plan for the future. To build themselves in order to build their business. If you aren’t spending time working on the business you’re dooming your business to stagnation.

  1.        I haven’t got the money.

Learning to be the best leader that you can is an investment with a direct benefit. What other expenditure can yield results for your entire lifetime, or improve your turnover, profitability and productivity before the course has even ended?  If you’re not investing on this, how can any other investment reach its potential?

  1.        It’s more important to develop my staff

Staff development is important and training budgets are limited. But what if you could develop yourself and see that learning cascade through all your staff? As a leader, you are a role model and what you learn has a direct influence on your teams’ behaviours and skills.  If you’re not learning, neither are your staff.

  1.        My business is doing ok right now.

This is the worse excuse for not preparing for an unpredictable and fast paced future. Managers deal with the present, but leaders create strategies that can weather unpredictable futures and take advantage of the unknown. Your business can be great but it needs you to be a great leader to make that happen.

  1.        I don’t like being taught

Then stop being taught and start learning.  New methods of leadership development, like those used at ION leadership, are completely different. It’s one of the best programmes in the UK and encourages you to learn through experience, discussion and participation. Come along to one of our preview events to find out what we mean.



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