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New Leaders programme - Real solutions for real issues

Written by / Monday 16th May 2022

We pride ourselves on the fact that our leadership programmes focus on providing real solutions for the real issues that leaders face every day. But what does that actually mean? And how do we know that they actually do? 

Before delegates start our programmes we ask them a few questions to identify the challenges they are facing in their business, and how they think the programme can help them in their role. Our programme leads review the responses before the Foundation Day to gauge an understanding of delegate needs, and to see whether there are any specific areas which need to be covered.

Kolbs_learning_cycle.PNGBelow are just a few examples of responses from delegates signing up to our recent New Leaders programmes:  

  • 'juggling workload and priorities'
  • 'dealing with challenges of last 2 years' (Covid-19 pandemic)
  • 'stepping up as a leader so taking on management of more people'
  • 'gain confidence in myself as a senior member of my team'
  • 'help get the best out of my team'
  • 'managing fast-paced change'

Our New Leaders Programme is designed to develop and enhance the leadership and management skills of those in the early stages of developing their leadership skills. Delegates are encouraged to understand their own approach to leadership, and then consider their teams roles and responsibilities, creating a strong business framework for the growth and sustainability of their organisation. 

As Nathan Haymer from our delivery team says, there is a real emphasis placed on applying the learning from the programme into everyday worklife.  

“Within our New Leaders Programme, we work with renowned leadership theories and discuss practical ways to implement them within a diverse business environment. The knowledge obtained throughout the course will help enhance everyday problem solving, identify potential risk(s) and resolve complex situations within the workplace.”

So, does the programme provide real solutions to those real issues?

In short, yes. How do we know? At the end of every programme our delegates complete a short survey so we can gauge an understanding of the appropriateness of programme content, what works well, what maybe doesn't work so well, impact on delegates etc. 

We took a look at the feedback from those delegates who completed our New Leaders programme in 2021. Here's a snapshot of what they had to say:

  • 93% said that the programme had made them a better leader
  • 93% of delegates agreed that “the programme enhanced my business leadership skills”
  • 90% of delegates agreed that “the programme enhanced my confidence"
  • 90% of delegates agreed that “the programme enhanced my problem-solving skills”
  • 90% of delegates agreed that “the programme enhanced my people leadership skills"

We also ask delegates how they feel the programme has benefited themselves personally, their team and their organisation. Here are just a few of their responses:

emotional_intelligence.PNGBenefited you personally

  • 'improved my ability to delegate and lead from the front'
  • 'Increased confidence in my abilities, and new tools to structure my work'
  • 'Made me approach things differently'
  • 'self awareness'
  • 'increased confidence to continue training and development'

Benefited your team

  • 'Team benefited from my better understanding of them'
  • 'new thinking'
  • 'team motivation has increased'
  • 'more open, and approach things differently'
  • 'greater understanding of team dynamics and how individuals approach things' 

Benefited your organisation

  • 'more cohesive organisation with higher levels of innovation'
  • 'more confident staff members who feel more confident in their abilities means a happier and more productive workplace'
  • 'reduced stress as trust in employees improves'
  • 'more confident to look at bigger picture and implement changes for the great good'. 

Everyone's a winner - the delegates, their teams and their organisation.

It's all perfectly summed up by one of our delegates:

“It will not only provide me with a recognised qualification to put on my CV, but has improved my knowledge, given me a suite of tried and tested methods to utilise within my team and myself; but more importantly it has improved my confidence in myself.”

So there you have it. Our New Leaders programme really does provide real solutions for real issues.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about our upcoming New Leaders programmes on the courses page of our website. And if you have any questions, get in touch with Adam on


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