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Leadership: It’s getting… emotional

Written by / Monday 10th October 2016

emotional.jpgFollowing the result of the EU referendum, businesses in Wales are now experiencing a time of uncertainty. If you are running a business in Wales you will be facing the emotional, right alongside the logical and rational.

Whether they are your staff, your suppliers, your neighbours or your customers, many people are harbouring fears about how this momentous change will affect them. If you are a business leader in Wales, they are looking to you for guidance.

So what do you do?  People will expect you to get over those emotions and cut a path through to success – to create a logical strategy to go forward.  

Easier said than done.  Most of us are not able to push all emotion aside and come up with a perfect solution. 

What if… instead of taking on the role of the emotionless robot-leader, you could harness those emotions in yourself and others to help your business succeed in this major period of uncertainty?

Research has shown that business leaders who engage positively with their emotions are more likely to retain staff, increase productivity and develop new and lasting business relationships that lead to new opportunities. What if… this was a skill that you could learn?

The ION leadership programme does just that. It helps to put you back in the driving seat. Acting, not reacting. Building and harnessing your emotional intelligence to get the best out of yourself and your workforce.

We have spent five years finding out what works for the leaders of business in Wales and we have the tools to put that into practice. Why not call us to find out more?

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